Friday Mix: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Boiler Room Set @ Dekmantel

Including everything you might want on a Friday evening, this Friday’s mix offers a more diverse range of influences to last week’s Golden Era Vol 1. This Boiler Room set by Motor City Drum Ensemble, performed at last year’s Dekmantel festival, is a prime example of the talented producer and DJ’s expertise in combining different musical inputs into a unified and seamless production.

Danilo Plessow is the name of the technical wizard who created MCDE and exploded onto the house scene in 2008 with 5 releases, with the legendary Raw Cuts series making waves throughout the deep house genre. Highly praised for his ‘chameleonic composition skills’ as well as production finesse, he has managed to stay true to his underground roots by publishing on no less than 25 labels.

Betraying the artist’s exposure to, and influence from, a wide range of genres, this mix captures its own golden selection of disco and soul, working them seamlessly alongside deep house and techno beats to create a blend of music that could cater to a range of tastes.


What’s the deeper meaning?

The artist’s origins in Stuttgart, Germany’s auto industry headquarters as it were, created the first part of his best-known alias, ‘Motor City’ (as well as a shout out to his musical loves of Detroit soul, jazz and techno), whereas ‘Drum Ensemble’ refers to his assortment of drums with which he makes his magic. From personal experience, and in line with the other side of TMB’s reporting style, Stuttgart also boasts an incredible local beer, Stuttgarter Hofbrau which I would recommend.

What’s he doing at the moment?

It looks like he’s just recovered from an ear infection in time to play at Sub Club in Glasgow.

Favourite part?

A song I’ve written about briefly before for a #TBT. Bileo – ‘You Can Win’. Skip to about 11 minutes in.

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