IT’S A LIST!: A Spate Of Exciting Indie Releases Set For 2015

AFTER the recent announcements that Tame Impala, The Vaccines, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Laura Marling have new albums in the pipeline, it appears there’s even more on the horizon for indie music in 2015.

Full of comebacks, debuts, difficult second albums and veteran releases this list covers the 15 indie albums we’re most excited for in 2015.

15. Baby Strange – Title: TBC – Release Date: TBC

Much lauded by The Music Brewery – the dark Glasgow three-piece Baby Strange have promised their debut album for 2015 after a series of fantastic singles. Since forming back in 2012 the band, fronted by Johnny Madden, the band have achieved relative success with singles ‘Friend, ‘Pure Evil’, ‘VVV’ and ‘Distance Yourself’ which are certain to feature on any imminent release.

14. Peace – Title: Happy People – Release Date: February 9th

OK, so I had a bit of a go at the Worcester four-piece late last year after the release of singles ‘Money’ and ‘Lost On Me’, but I apologisedHappy People could definitely fall under the category of ‘difficult second album’ after the success of debut release In Love. I won’t say any more let’s face it I’ve said my Peace already…sorry.

13. Paul Weller – Title: Saturn’s Pattern – Release Date: April/May

The Modfather Himself – Still Got It At 56

The Modfather returns. Fuck yeah! I have to admit, I am a massive Paul Weller fan and if I was born in the right era I’d probably have been a mod myself but my only live experience of the former Jam frontman was a massive disappointment. His set at 2014’s T in the Park festival was drab and lifeless. I really hope the veteran’s twelfth studio album Saturn’s Pattern is the complete opposite and is a continuation of 2012’s trippy, near psychedelic LP Sonik Kicks.

12. The View – Title: TBC – Release Date: TBC

Not much is known yet about the Dundee four-piece’s forthcoming fourth full-length release but one thing that’s for sure is they need a change in direction if they wish to remain relevant in 2015. They’ve stagnated after three years out of the picture and a desperate money-making greatest hits album Seven Year Setlist (2013) hasn’t helped matters. However, Kyle Falconer and co. have enlisted the help of Strokes guiatarist Albert Hammond Jr. as a producer, so as yet, hope remains that The View are still, on fire.

11. Belle And Sebastian – Title: Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance – Release Date: Already Out!

Already out, Glasgow icons Belle And Sebastian have made a triumphant return with their most varied, radical release yet. Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance is available to listen to here. An altogether new sound for the legendary Glasgow six-piece – electronic, synth and definitely more rocky than usual. ‘The Party Line’ is a stand-out.

10. Laura Marling – Title: Short Movie – Release Date: March 23rd

Having already released title track ‘Short Movie’ and angst-filled, growling ‘False Hope’ and announcing tour dates for February preparations are in full swing for the album release on March 23rd. The release is Marling’s fifth studio album, but is the first she has self-produced, partnering with her drummer Matt Ingram and studio engineer Dan Cox.  The album was recorded in LA, and much of the record was inspired by her time in the United States.

9. Django Django – Title: TBC – Release Date: Spring

Another that little is known about, three years after their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Edinburgh-born art rockers Django Django are back trying to build on the success of incredibly catchy tracks like ‘Default’. A band I never really go in to but can definitely see similarities to other Scottish art-rockers like Talking Heads, Orange Juice and Franz Ferdinand. The potential is there with the Mercury Prize nominees, I await with bated breath.

8. Palma Violets – Title: TBC – Release Date: Summer

Palma Violets Outside Studio 180, Where They Recorded Their Raucous Debut '180'.
Palma Violets Outside Studio 180, Where They Recorded Their Raucous Debut ‘180’.

Currently recording their sophomore effort in the rural Rockfield Studios of Wales, Palma Violets are set to release a second LP in the summer which will probably still sound young and riotous much like that of debut release 180. Multi-talented vocalist and bassist Chilli Jesson said of the band’s lack of material:

“We’d been on tour for a year and a half with 10 songs, so we desperately needed some new ones.” – Chilli Jesson, NME.

7. Miles Kane – Title: TBC – Release Date: Spring

Liverpool’s favourite son, mod-rocker Miles Kane has been busy the past few years catching up with his mate, indie king Alex Turner, in the cool front man rankings. Playing in The Last Shadow Puppets together (who last released an album in 2008, c’mon guys!) means that there is every chance Turner will feature on Kane’s forthcoming release. Kane’s last two solo albums Colour Of The Trap (2011) and Don’t Forget Who You Are (2013) have been excellent nods to ’60s rock and with the fantastic First Of My Kind EP sandwiched in, in the intervening year, Kane is a man in form.

6. Foals – Title: TBC – Release Date: Autumn

OK, so literally nothing is known about this other than, yeah maybe an autumn release. Still though, it’s Foals and I’m excited! Holy Fire (2013) was a career defining moment for the Oxford five-piece which saw them join the indie elite and headline a spate of festivals. It could prove hard to beat with massive tracks like ‘Inhaler’ and ‘My Number’.

5. Chvrches – Title: TBC – Release Date: TBC


This tweet. That tweet above this non-nonsensical excited ramblings I’m about to write. That tweet sent me loco. After months of speculation Chvrches are back! They never really went away though, but this tweet indicates to me that the fantastic ‘Dead Air’ and Get Away’ will soon have an album to call home. I’m sure the Glasgow synth three-piece will be working hard over the coming months in their own private studio to make the “difficult second album” an obsolete phrase. The Bones Of What You Believe will be hard to follow but if anyone can it’s Mayberry and co.

4. The Libertines – Title: TBC – Release Date: TBC

Simply put, you’d have to have been living under a rock for the past couple of months to not know about and understand the importance of the comeback of The Libertines! One of the most important British indie bands of the past 20 years, Pete Doherty, Carl Barat, John Hassall and Gary Powell are set to return this year with an album! So long as they can deliver more catchy, jangly post-punk jams like ‘Don’t Look Back In To The Sun’ and ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ I’ll be happy. Very excited to say the least.

Now it’s time for the top three (drum-rolls). It’s three hotly anticipated albums from artists on top form that we’ve been hyping up recently on The Music Brewery. Step forward our indie heroes for 2015…we hope.

3. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Title: Chasing Yesterday – Release Date: March 2nd

Following the releases of the fanastic ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’ which is already a bona fide indie anthem and ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ indie Godfather Noel Gallagher will re-assemble his troops for an early March release of their second album album Chasing Yesterday. There will be no such nerves, sure to be experienced by some on this list releasing a second album, for the uber-confident former Oasis guitarist whose song-writing ability alone make this album highly anticipated by all here at The Music Brewery.

2. Tame Impala – Title: TBC – Release Date: TBC

Kevin Parker And The Rest Of The Aussie Prog-Rockers
Kevin Parker And The Rest Of The Aussie Prog-Rockers

Although we’ve not heard any new material from the trippy, psychedelic Aussies yet, the excitement is still palpable due to how massive their past two albums – Innerspeaker (2010) and Lonerism (2012) were. Kevin Parker and co. are set to return in 2015 with their third studio album. It has been suggested by the band’s keyboardist Jay Watson that the album will be “more electronic” and less about the trippy, progressive rock that is the band’s trademark. I love Perth’s Tame Impala and Kevin Parker, in particular, is just a top notch musician also. His velvety, dream-like tones are reminiscent of John Lennon and the whole of Tame Impala’s sound is like a kaleidoscopic combination of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Oasis.

1. The Vaccines – Title: English Graffiti – Release Date: Spring

We’ve made it. Number one. The Vaccines are set to return in the spring with their third studio record English Graffiti. Can they make ‘the leap’ to join the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Foals as massive festival headliners? Justin Young is a terrific song-writer and special front-man – brooding and mysterious, but are the band ready to join him on that level? Young has been quoted as favouring moving away from their classic rock’n’roll sound and more towards something less timeless and more 2015.

“I started feeling that timeless isn’t a good thing…I wanted to make a record that was important in 2015 and sounded like 2015, sonically and emotionally…with our next album we wanted to make something that sounds amazing next year and then terrible in 10 years!” – Justin Young, NME.

The London born four-piece haven’t released anything new since the Melody Calling EP exactly two years ago in January 2013. It’s been even longer waiting for an album: with the precursor to What Did You Expect From The Vaccines (2011), Come Of Age, released back in 2012. The new album will feature songs the band has been incorporating into their live sets recently – ‘Dream Lover’, ‘Handsome’ and ‘Want You So Bad’ which will lean more towards the Melody Calling sound more than anything else. Will they achieve their desired 2015 sound? Only time will tell.

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