Start 2015 With A Meat Wave – Brother EP

Ludicrously named and brashly in your face, Music Brewery readers I introduce to you – Meat Wave – punk rockers hailing from Chicago who really are worth a listen or two.

Whilst you contemplate exactly what a “Meat Wave” may involve (I’m stumped, suggestions in the comments below) and how unpleasant it may be to witness, allow me give you the run-down on their recent EP – Brother – a follow up from their début  album (check that out here) released over 2 years ago.

Coming it a short 7 tracks and 17 minutes, Brother offers listeners a sample of the past, present and future of the band – along with new material it features two tracks from their self titled début album as well as a cover of Wipers‘ ‘Mystery’ to boot. In that sense this EP is a nice introduction for first time listeners, and gives a feeling for how Meat Wave’s sound has developed over time.

Beginning with the old, the title track ‘Brother’ was plucked from their 2012 release and it perfectly captures Meat Wave’s thrashing carefree attitude – ploughing through two minutes of raw punk sing along anthem without a moment’s rest. In the same vein ‘It’s Not Alright’ feels made for boisterous live venues packed to the brim with a destructive  audience.

Perhaps my favourite tracks come from the “new” era of Meat Wave. The irresistible ‘Sunlight’ maintains an on-edge intensity throughout, with a tense drumbeat simmering behind lead vocalist/guitarist Chris Sutter’s strong, howling performance. ‘Sham King’ again shows the band’s more ferocious side, with a pulsating riff and electric solo that simply explodes into your ears.

Everybody wants to start the new year off on the front foot, Meat Wave have done just that with this loud, abrasive collection of tracks. If Brother is a glimpse into the future work of Meat Wave, then their upcoming album (set to be released sometime later this year) will be something to behold.

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