Let’s Get Down To Business

Guess who’s back? Back again.

Eminem: The Original Businessman

Alright, no, it’s not Eminem – but it’s the next best thing. After my self-imposed leave of absence I have returned to bring you more tasty musical treats, and to make up for leaving you all floundering in a sea of musical despair and iniquity, I come bearing gifts! This time round it comes in the form of one of the most unsuspecting collaborations imaginable – deep/tropical house aficionado Matoma has masterfully reworked the legendary Eminem’s ‘Business’.

Now, Eminem is one of the few artists on the planet who truly requires no introduction. Also known as his alter ego Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers is one of the most successful rappers in history, and arguably the only truly great white rapper. ‘Business’ discusses Eminem’s journey to rescue rap and bring the game back up to speed.

So, how on earth has a deep house artist remixed this song, and remixed it successfully?! House music is hardly new to the world of rap, with a number of successful hip-hop/rap remixes floating around. However, tackling someone with the reputation of Eminem, and someone who is still active in the music world, is a risky proposition.

Nonetheless, Matoma has once again surprised and impressed me. The Norwegian producer ensures that the all-important vocals of the song remain clear and present throughout, but puts his unique deep/jungle spin on the backing track. Perhaps most important though, is that Eminem’s flow remains largely undisturbed, which is a feat in and of itself with any hip-hop remix. This is a truly excellent remix, and it’s one that is guaranteed to have you mashing repeat!

So, let’s get down to business!

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