New Friday Feature: Start The Weekend With A Bang With Krafty Kuts

Got that magical Friday feeling yet? Planning the weekend’s debauchery? Drinking fine wine in the Alps? Even if you aren’t having as much fun as me, it’s still the perfect time for a Friday TMB mix – the first of what I hope will be many over the year.

It is commonly known that Friday is the best day of the week. It contains a golden mix of ingredients that set it apart from other, lesser days; a shorter and less intense workload, the ecstatic freedom of leaving the office or classroom and knowing you have the entire weekend ahead of you to fest in. Although Saturday offers the double remedy of both a lie-in and top-flight afternoon football, in my opinion it is still unable to reproduce that certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘, the unknown elements that combine to make its predecessor so adored across the country.

A low point in Friday's illustrious career.
A Low Point In Friday’s Illustrious Career.

The Mix

As with all good things in life, including careers, beers, and music reviews, it’s best to start at the top and work one’s way down. In this respect, there really is no contest for The Music Brewery’s first Friday Mix vacancy. One candidate emerges victorious from the assessment process, bringing an unprecedented funky mix of the very best of old school hip-hop, beautifully spun together to produce an outstanding hour of power.

It is of course Krafty Kuts with his Golden Era of Hip-Hop: Volume 1. Some summary statistics back up the case for the mix: in just 9 months on SoundCloud it has been played nearly 150,000 times, even more impressive considering the smaller fan base the producer has in comparison with more mainstream EDM DJs. Secondly, exactly 90 samples (acapellas and instrumentals) are put together as the ingredients for the track (full track listing given on the SoundCloud link). Public Enemy, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Jay Z, Method Man, 2Pac, Jurassic 5 and The Beastie Boys make up just a small number of the big hitters featured.

Finally, something that really sets it apart from other mixes are the three exclusive interviews Krafty includes in the full mix with hip-hop legends DJ Cashmoney, Z-Trip and DJ Numark. If you need just background music however, fear not, as a version of the track where the interview chatter is omitted was also uploaded. The free download available for the mix is the proverbial icing on the filthy, gorgeous hip-hop cake.

Krafty: the man, the legend.
Krafty: The Man, The Legend.

A Bit More About The Man and The Mix

What’s he doing at the moment?

Probably preparing for a busy 2015 with a new DJ residency in Dubai arranged as well as shows in the US, Canada (with A-Skillz) as well as the Snowbombing event in Austria.

What other mixes has he done?

Previously, 7 volumes of his Fresh Kuts series which focus more on the breaks genre, and more recently a hip-hop sequel: Golden Era Vol 2. Other sporadic mixes such as summer festival mix also appear. Expect several to appear in the Friday mixes over the year!

When and where is appropriate for this mix to be played?

Everywhere and anywhere! It really can suit any occasion: funky enough to dance to, interesting enough to have during drinks, quality enough to just chill out and enjoy.

What’s my favourite part?

So difficult to choose as it all comes together spectacularly. However, check out from 7 minutes 40 seconds onwards, where ‘Danger’ by Blahzay Blahzay is expertly played over the instrumental of DJ Premier’s remix of A Million & One Questions’ by Jay Z. Something about the combination really hits the spot for me.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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