Tobias Jesso Jr. – ‘How Could You Babe’

TMB favourite Tobias Jesso Jr. is back massaging our ears with his lovely melodies and piano driven ballads, with new single ‘How Could You Babe’. 

Back in August of last year, one of my first posts was about an extremely talented Canadian singer/songwriter whom I compared favourably with John Lennon and Bob Dylan, and in the time since Tobias Jesso Jr. has re-enforced those views with a couple of new songs being released. Those songs ‘How Could You Babe’ and ‘Hollywood’ are nothing short of excellent, both jazzy, piano driven soul tracks that are a delight to listen to.

‘How Could You Babe’ is probably the best break up song around right now, it displays that perfect amount of anguish and despair needed to craft a break up song. I must admit I love the new video for this brilliant tune, where it features Jesso Jr. primarily playing piano and singing inside an empty swimming pool, being all moody and distant. Check out the track and make sure you show your support for Tobias Jesso Jr. when his album Goon is released on the 17th March.

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