Mella Dee – Heaven

Mella Dee’s new track – ‘Heaven’ – was premièred by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 last night.

‘Heaven’, from the Doncaster born and bred producer, is set to come out on the Digital Soundboy label, and follows on from the powerful ‘GT Turbo‘ which was was released exclusively through Mixmag back in August.

Digital Soundboy has been winning for a while, but I love the direction of the imprint over the last year. It’s dope to see how the different influences from Soundboy culture permeate into their release schedule. Take ‘Heaven’, the first glimpse from Mella Dee‘s Rhythm Nation tape (released yesterday) — you have the sinister delight that’s etched into the bassline, with faint horns and crowd noise from a proper jungle rave in the background. The slightly sped-up diva vocals and the vintage breaks get thrown atop all of this, bringing everything home.

With the 160BPM zone being reinvigorated over the last few years (primarily due to the increase in demand for juke/footwork), it’s always hype to hear more rudeboy jungle tracks being produced.

Get involved before this blows up.

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