Mama Coca – Kali

As 2015 begins, this year is already setting up to be a massive one for house music. From the big room sounds of EDM to deep house, progressive house, tech house – and all the other huge variations the genre has to offer – it’s going to be a year to remember. Here’s something to kick of your Monday in style. Mama Coca are a French duo residing in the dark depths of the Geneva music scene creating some really original and impressive house, specifically deep house tracks.

I love the amalgamation of Chicago house, jazz and a touch of underpinning in this complex yet wonderfully simple sounding track. Granted they are pretty much unknown over here, they have been making waves in Geneva playing at some pretty sizeable venues in-front of some very appreciative crowds.

At the Music Brewery we are all about finding new artists/producers that are pushing their own unique sounds and giving them a platform to do that. Mama Coca fit the bill perfectly – enjoy ‘Kali’.

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