Introducing Shamir… The Wildly Talented Artist Who Has Me Lost For Words

Shamir Bailey, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Las Vegas is completely unclassifiable. Shamir is difficult to define not just because of his amazing voice, but his style too – from what I can tell is a mixture of disco, soul, funk, techno and… well, just about everything!

Last year (still weird that 2014 was last year!) Shamir released his début EP, Northtown, that really showcased the disco influenced androgynous artist’s talent for making brilliant alt-pop/house music. Highlights included the housey tune ‘If It Wasn’t True’ and the excellently weird ‘Sometimes A Man’.

Shamir definitely has some serious talent, his voice is somewhere in between male and female that demands you rewrite your expectations from a male vocalist. Shamir simply dances over any beat with his vocals, however Shamir does not entirely steal the show with his is voice. The production in many of his songs is absolutely on point, from emotional ballads to energetic house bangers, Shamir appears to able to do it all without hesitation. This is definitely the case with my favourite Shamir song ‘On The Regular’ released late last year. Amazing house vibes flow throughout this banger of a song combined with some addictive vocals and memorable lyrics. Basically this song will, whether you like it or not, soon become one of your favourite tunes.

Now signed to XL Recordings,  Shamir definitely has a massive year ahead of him, but I for one have nothing but excitement for this mesmerising artist. Check back regularly for the latest on Shamir and his début album.

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