#SundaySoundtrack #15

It’s that time of the week again, but I’m not hungover for once. I’m in the library and it’s a Sunday which can only mean one thing, I need a god damn #SundaySoundtrack in my life to get me through today. Welcome to the 15th instalment of your favourite weekly music run-down – the #SundaySoundtrack! As always we aim to deliver a cracking list of tunes that we’ve been enjoying this week to help lift those hangover blues and make you forget that Monday is just around the corner.

Will Shipley

Shamir – ‘On The Regular’

This song… what can I say about this song? Absolute certified banger guaranteed to get your body moving all over the place. Shamir is an amazingly talented 20 year old from Las Vegas signed to XL Recordings and he is already creating some serious buzz. Expect a full post on Shamir shortly!

Barney Greenish

Jamiroquai – ‘Alright’

One of the less chilled, slightly more frantic hits from the acid jazz/electro-funk/bit of everything band that has been funking it’s way out of the High Times compilation album this week. Fun fact: probably (easily) my favourite artist!

Jonah Shipley

Mazzy Star – ‘Into Dust’

When you’re sporting a Sunday morning hangover the best songs are the mellow ones. This beautifully crafted piece of music from Mazzy Star will accompany your drifting in and out of sleep perfectly! Guitar and vocals, is there need for much more?

Calum Woodger

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’

It looks like it’s set to be a glorious return in March for Noel G and his supporting cast, especially if the rest of Chasing Yesterday is as good as this! Pure indie splendour. Read the full review of the track here.

Will Howes

Sia – ‘Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler’

The music video to Sia’s solo version of ‘Elastic Heart’ was released last week and is not too be missed. Featuring the crazed mind of Shia LeBoeuf in a mesmerising interpretive dance with Maddie Ziegler this song really will get you talking.

Toby Gebbie

First Aid Kit – ‘My Silver Lining’

Something a bit different from me. Not a huge fan of the Southern states country ‘twang’, but this track I do like. It gets your foot tapping and helps you forget about whatever you depraved bastards got up to the night before!

Joe Cherry

Tove Lo – ‘Talking Body’

When it was announced that Tove Lo was the new face of Swedish pop music I was dead excited and then kinda disappointed. At first the songs didn’t have that unique character that makes Swedish pop great. But after awhile her slow burn hooks and brashly sexual lyrics became a refreshingly honest take on pop, a genre that often mistakes lust for love.

Dan Beckwith

Jaga – ‘Ghost Peppers’

With no knowledge of Jaga or what music they would produce, I stumbled upon ghost peppers on my SoundCloud stream. A song I instantly fell in love with, it has a minimalistic, dreamy feel to it. I just wish it was longer!

This brings another #SundaySoundtrack to a close, let us know in the comment section below what would make yours!

The Music Brewery Squad

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