Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’…3 Ways

Since its release in November, ‘7/11’ by booty shaker Beyoncé has been all over the place, getting constant airplay and creeping up the charts. Is it an earth shattering track of musical genius? Not exactly. But is it under-your-skin infectious? Hell yes! If, for some reason, you’re sick of it in its original packaging, fear not: DJs the world over have been working their magic to spice it up.

The original, in all its butt-shaking glory, is pretty energetic. But if you’re feeling more mellow, French Montana has you covered. His recreation of ‘7/11’ is a little bit softer, and he even shoehorns some of his own vocals in there. Something to wrap your ears around when you just aren’t feeling a drop.

But if it’s a drop you seek, then trust Diplo and Skrillex to deliver. They’ve collaborated through their Jack U project to give this song a total shake up, and it definitely stays true to the sound they’ve become known for. When you combine an in-your-face electronic backing track, a powerful drop and Beyoncé spitting sass, it makes for one hell of a remix.

Last but not least, a track that lands straight down the middle. DJ Mustard gives us a meeting of two worlds, with hip-hop beats and EDM styles coming together to create magic. The funkiest remix of the three, this would definitely let the listener unleash their inner Beyoncé on the dance floor. We’ve all been there.

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