The Wait Is Over…The Wombats Return

Unbelievably, it has been over a year since we last heard a peep from The Wombats, when they announced the first single from their upcoming album, Glitterbug.

Yes time really does fly by,Your Body is a Weaponstaggeringly was released way back in October 2013, and since then all fans have had to feed off is the odd picture to pique passing curiosity. Now we’re in 2015, and with the new album due in April, the time has finally come to break the silence with a new track.

That track, ‘Greek Tragedy’, follows on in the same vein as the aforementioned ‘Your Body is a Weapon’, and comes across with a very grand opening sound – the drums immediately take centre stage and give the track an imposing presence. The song has an uplifting feeling from start to end, it is impossible to imagine being in a bad mood whilst listening to Matthew Murphy make his way through the chorus – for me the highlight of the track. The Liverpudlian three piece have developed and matured with time – slightly tweaking their style with each outing and this year they feel cleaner.

The video (which you can check out below), on the other hand, is very much on the macabre side and certainly not for the feint hearted. It depicts each member being murdered by one of the band’s more intense stalkers – and then reassembled in a dark warehouse.

I warned you. Brutal. Gruesome video aside, Glitterbug looks to be well worth the four year wait for a new album. Stay tuned to see what The Wombats can produce next.

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