Preview: Ryan Bingham Live @ King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

On Sunday 1st February country superstar Ryan Bingham will bring his unique blend of Americana to Glasgow to play a solo acoustic set at King Tut’s.

New Mexico native Bingham, will play the tiny 300 capacity venue to kick off King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut’s 25th birthday celebrations. Over the course of February King Tut’s will be inviting back acts who have made a name for themselves at the iconic venue to play sets to fans lucky enough to have tickets. The likes of The Cribs, Fatherson and Courteeners have sold out but unfortunately Oasis couldn’t be tempted to re-unite back where they were discovered.

In the search for tickets I was fortunate and absolutely ecstatic to be able to obtain a pair for Ryan Bingham.

Maybe not heard of as much or heralded on these shores but over in The States, in country circles, he is a big deal.

Having released four albums, Bingham’s latest effort Fear And Saturday Night is due to come out next week – the 20th to be precise. It is set to be deeply introspective and delve right into Bingham’s troubled past. After the success of his last record, released on his own independent record label, Tomorrowland (2012) the talented singer-songwriter will be hoping for more of the same with this effort.

My favourite Ryan Bingham album, though, has to be his début Mescalito (2007). Featuring stunning tracks like ‘Southside Of Heaven’ and ‘Bread And Water’ it is a fourteen track collection of pure unadulterated country bliss. All harmonicas, banjos and heartfelt lyrics, it’s undoubtedly a 21st century classic which has too long gone undiscovered.

Bingham has already released one single from his upcoming album entitled ‘Broken Heart Tattoos’ which you can listen to below.

Find tickets for all of the 25th birthday gigs on the King Tut’s website now.

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