Glitchhop and Breakbeats: A Funky Midweek Remix

Prepare to get funky this Thursday afternoon with Rockwell – ‘I Need U (Featurecast and WBBL Remix)’.

Featurecast and WBBL have come together for an interesting remix of Rockwell’s ‘I Need U’. The track was perhaps originally overshadowed, having been released as one part of ‘I Need U / 1_2_3_4’ last year, where the latter is reported by Beatport as the 4th best-selling drum and bass song of the year.

The pair’s collaborative remix welcomes the song into the glitch-hop and breakbeat genres, two arenas very familiar to the artists. A well-designed introductory phase, distinctive layers of heavy beats delivered with a strong electronic sound with well-rationed and effective lyric sampling combine to give the remix a funky, glitchy and electro feel. Perfectly typical of the sounds you’d hear towards the end of a classic Featurecast gig.

The remix not only provides a trademark, unique cover of a solid original song but also offers an example of the current pool of talented UK DJs, producers and turntablists. Artists such as A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts who operate in a fluid range of musical genres, including everything from hip-hop, breaks, and funk to electro, glitchhop, drum and bass and many more.

The Ghetto Funk label and website is a great place to keep up to date with the large volume of free downloads available as well as festival and artist news. We definitely recommend grabbing your free download from SoundCloud and keeping an eye on artists such as these who are moving more and more from bespoke gigs and festivals to more mainstream recognition. From a personal experience, the variety and type of music employed at gigs by Featurecast and others can make the atmosphere truly and uniquely, electric.

5 thoughts on “Glitchhop and Breakbeats: A Funky Midweek Remix”

    1. I completely agree! Featurecast also revealed on his Facebook page a couple of days ago that he’s just started creating another album – definitely one to keep an eye out for!


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