Undiscovered: Earths – The Tragedy of Process

A lot of people like things that match. Wallpaper, socks, his ‘n’ hers coffee mugs. There is definitely a weird sort of pleasure we get from putting together a collection of objects that just go together. But sometimes the same feeling can derive from contrast instead of similarity. The Tragedy of Process, Scottish band Earths’ new EP, highlights the fun that can be had blending contrasting elements to make something really interesting to listen to.

Track By Track:

The ethereal fuzz of opening track ‘Wolves’ gives way to a clean lead vocal, mildly reminiscent of Frightened Rabbit, and crisp percussion. It has a nice, chilled-out folksy vibe, but it does feel a bit over-long at times.

The soft brass and staccato guitar line in ‘3:10 to Yuma’ is lovely juxtaposition in a track that builds momentum well at the halfway point of the EP. 0003918512_10

‘Remember, Remember’ blends beautifully a complex drum rhythm and dovetailing duet of vocals which make it my favourite as a standalone track.

The final track, ‘Little Smoke’ differs from the rest, bringing a switch of vocal styles and the heaviest, bassy-est (is that a word?) rhythm section of the four songs, building to a satisfyingly layered finale.

Have a listen to The Tragedy of Process here.

All in all, this is a really tight EP from Earths, particular highlights being the mix of guitar sounds and vocal styles and the inventive percussion, which is interesting without being overbearing. This is definitely an act to add to the ever-growing list of Scottish artists to expect big things from in 2015.

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