New Single From Lux Lisbon – ‘Keep Me Wild’

Some big announcements have today came out of the Lux Lisbon camp with the London indie five-piece set to release a new single at two upcoming sold-out live shows.

The band, whose Get Some Scars EP we previously reviewed on The Music Brewery, are set to release new material in the form of single ‘Keep Me Wild’ for digital download on March 2nd.

Before that though, the band will play a live double header on the 23rd and 24th of January at The Lexington, London where they will launch the track and perform a première of the animated video to go along with the new sounds.

Unfortunately the shows are sold out but you can still get the track when it is released for digital download on March 2nd and of course courtesy of The Music Brewery you can listen now (below).

‘Keep Me Wild’ is a beautifully haunting yet uplifting folksy track. It has dramatic string sections and jovial brass that pushes the song along nicely. Stuart Rook and Charlotte Austen combine male and female vocals together expertly, meshing together delightful high-pitched harmonies.

The more rocky, indie side to Lux Lisbon comes through as Rook’s vocals rasp on occasion and the dramatic piano and crashing percussion come to the fore.

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