Stunning Cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ by Sye Elaine Spence

Stunning… simply stunning… is how I have to describe this incredible cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ by New York native Sye Elaine Spence.

The talented singer/songwriter has done what so many people have tried and failed to do in the past, firstly she has very successfully covered a Bob Marley song without butchering it or disrespecting the original. Secondly she has created a version of ‘Is This Love’ that retains the familiarity of the original while making the song sound entirely her own. It’s not often you find a cover of a popular song that really breathes new life into it, but I feel like Sye has done exactly that.

Bob Marley would definitely be proud of this cover

Spence released a brilliant folky acoustic EP last year called Bloom EP which actually included this cover. The four song long EP is a complete triumph that I would recommend everybody to start listening to now! Don’t sleep on this artist, I think she may just end up being the next big thing, especially with a new album on the way soon!

The complete Bloom EP – an unbelievably great listen

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