New Video From Childish Gambino – ‘Sober’

Childish Gambino A.K.A. Donald Glover has just today released the video for his funky, synth-laden track ‘Sober’.

In the video Glover tries to woo a young woman in a café with some funky and questionable dance-moves. There is nothing questionable about the track though.

Taken from the Kauai side of Childish’s STN MTN  (2014) mixtape Glover’s vocals are high, on-point and very much similar to that of Frank Ocean’s. ‘Sober’ has some epic reverberating synth about half-way through the 4:39 tune which would light up any dance floor and is simply crying out for a remix.

Near the end of the video it seems like Glover is about to win the girl over with his wacky moves but he quickly sobers up.

Watch the video below for yourself.

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