Bleak Bangers: Songs To Sulk Away Your January

The post-festive blues are upon us and at times like this I like to wallow in the darkest music I can find. And when I say dark I don’t mean the namby pamby horror imagery of metal or hip-hop. Nah, I’m talking the no light at the end of the tunnel, life is meaningless songs that stick in your gut like a morose musical food baby. So leave your belt and shoe laces by the door and let’s get depressing!

Father John Misty – ‘Bored In The USA’

There are plenty of songs about the death of the American dream but none quite so cutting as this. The best/worst moment is when he begs “save me white Jesus!” destroying any hope you had left in your soul.

Placebo – ‘My Sweet Prince’

Placebo are no strangers to the sulk along but this maybe their most hopeless. Every chord feels more minor than the last.

Bob Dylan – ‘Dirge’

Dylan has always been a master of suggestion in his lyrics. Leaving just enough unsaid that the listener is left with that delightful ambiguity that all great lyrics have. ‘Dirge’ is no exception but it’s way darker. The line “I hate myself for loving you but I’ll soon get over that” is maybe the best death threat I’ve ever heard.

Jamie T – ‘If I Were A Boy’

Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’ brilliantly highlights the gender inequalities of the world but in the hands of Jamie T it paints a more sinister picture. With just the subtle adjustment of the pronoun Treays tells the same story from the man’s perspective. Highlighting the pressures of masculinity and the shame and regret they can leave.

Immortal Technique – ‘Dance With The Devil’

This is perhaps the darkest song ever. Everything from the beat to the narrative to the horrible conclusion of the tale gives me chills.

So go have a good cry and let it all out.  And if it all gets too much you could always perk yourself up with Pharrell’s 24 hour video version of ‘Happy’. Though I think that may make you more suicidal.

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