Undiscovered: Début EP From Glasgow Rockers Anton & The Colts

The Music Brewery can exclusively reveal that Glasgow blues rockers Anton & The Colts have just finalised the recording of their début EP 6:45 & 450 Down.

Recorded at La Chunky Studios in Glasgow the band and engineer Andrew Graham sunk 30 hours into the 5 tracks (I’m making that 6 hours a track) and it really shows in the outcome.

The opening track ‘My Sister Cocaine’ is raw, rugged and full of Anton O’Donnell’s gruff vocals. Like a sweet bourbon it goes down smooth and is dripping with Americana.

Sounding like a late ’90s/early ’00s vintage of Ryan Adams‘ Whiskeytown the whole instrumentation on ‘Better The One You Know’ is on point. The guitars from O’Donnell and Roscoe Wilson really drive the track forward and Dillon Haldane on the drums really comes into his own at the end with a lot of cymbal action and tasty fills. The guest appearance of Blair Rockss on keys really adds something different to the track also.

Like the opening of a long sequence in a country-western movie ‘Rattle All Yer Bones’ has a foot stomping beat and definitely has the ability to be a track for people to dance to. The bass on this track from Michael McGill is particularly impressive, really added a great layer of sound to the overall piece. Probably my favourite track of this riff-laden EP due to the electric guitar work of the boys.

‘Who You Gonna Blame’ sees the pace of the record slow down slightly but the riffs and rasping vocals from O’Donnell and Wilson just don’t stop. O’Donnell really tests his vocal range on this track which is admirable and pulls it off right at the end with some euphoric wails.

The last track on the album is a special treat for fans. A bonus of ‘My Black Dog & Me’ performed live is a lovely sombre end to a magnificent EP from Anton & The Colts. Listen to it below now:

The boys are clearly excited about releasing the new record and front-man Anton O’Donnell had this to say:

“One thing I love about Anton & The Colts is playing live and the sound we achieve, but hearing that sound down on disc is a whole different kick altogether.”

The record is set to be released on Monday the 26th of January   before the guys play Nice N Sleazy’s on the 30th. Find out more about Anton & The Colts, the upcoming gig and their music below:



Twitter @antonthecoltsuk

Please note that all music in this article is past Anton & The Colts recordings not from the yet to be released 6:45 & 450 Down EP.

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