#SundaySoundtrack #12

We sincerely hope you have all had a great Christmas and even though we have been enjoying the festivities the tunes have still been blaring! We invite you to join us in taking in the last #SundaySoundtrack of the year. As always we aim to deliver a cracking list of tunes that we’ve been enjoying this week to help lift those hangover blues and make you forget that Monday is just around the corner.

Calum Woodger

Franz Ferdinand – ‘Take Me Out’

A bit of a throwback here from me this week but I’ve really found myself immersed in Franz’s début again this week! Nothing on the album stands out more than lead single ‘Take Me Out’ – an iconic indie classic and true party song, this was the first time I remember liking my own music.

Will Howes

Miriam Makeba – ‘Pata Pata (Ofrnbach Remix)’

Over the past week I’ve been reminiscing over some of the top tunes to have been released this year and got reunited with this absolute beauty. It brings back a lot of great summer memories and with that groovy house sax is a song that I just can’t get enough of.

Jonah Shipley

Sylvan Esso – ‘Hey Mami’

‘Hey Mami’ is a great tune any day of the week! The vocals are layered into unusual harmonies and the drum patterns are out together with amateur sounding claps and make shift percussion. This song is overall infectious and easy listenable, once the synths drop in it will be in your head all day. Chilled but with enough of a beat to keep you going! Great tune from a great two piece.

Sam Karam

D’Angelo – ‘Sugah Daddy’

Earlier in December, the R&B legend D’Angelo released his first album in 14 years. Back in his hay-day, he was the master of sexy baby-making music, and he just disappeared from the scene ever since. He hasn’t lost his touch, though. On ‘Sugah Daddy’, his soulful voice and the irresistible groove stand out. D’Angelo is still churning out smooth and eclectic beats, fun for ages 8 to 80.

Toby Gebbie

Awolnation – ‘Sail’

The weather is getting colder, snow is falling heavily in the Alps and I have spent my Christmas break watching countless ski films. This track seems to go perfectly with watching skiers float in deep powder and it’s getting me very excited for my trip in a few days. It’s a big, purposeful track that was great when it was released and is still great now. Bring on the snow!

Barney Greenish

Joey Bada$$ – ‘World Domination’

I’m not entirely sure if this huge hit from the young US hip-hop artist resonates with the strange no man’s land that is the period between boxing day and new years, or more with a lazy summer holiday, but it’s forced itself into the #SundaySoundtrack regardless. Possibly the easiest track to listen to in the world with outstanding lyrics and flow.

Grant Reid

Twin Atlantic – ‘Yes I Was Drunk’

Appropriate for this time of year as we sign off for our last #SundaySoundtrack of 2014. Turn up the bass and the massive McTrusty vocal and enjoy the New Year festivities!

Daria Jascsz

alt-J – ‘Taro’

One of those beautiful, lesser known and under appreciated track from their An Awesome Wave album, that definitely deserves a place on this list, this Sunday.

Joe Cherry

Hot 8 Brass Band – ‘Sexual Healing’

A brilliant re-imagining of this classic tune. Bringing to the forefront elements from the original that are somewhat over looked like the dead cool bass line. Perfect for parties and pottering around the house alike.

That’s all from #SundaySoundtrack for 2014, have a great New Years, see you on the otherside!

Team TMB

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