Undiscovered: The Raw Emotion Of Anton McCann

Working in the media is awesome. While working as a production runner at my local TV station – STV Glasgow – I’ve managed to meet and listen to some excellent musicians! The artists who I’ve found to be exceptional have the great honour of featuring as an ‘Undiscovered’ gem! None are more deserving of this undoubtedly brilliant accolade than Anton McCann.

McCann’s emotional, stripped back, raw acoustic tunes are beautiful and passion filled gems. Easy on the ears and brilliantly simple. McCann has a decent back catalogue of tunes he has been working hard, gigging about Glasgow for a couple of years now.

My favourite of which is the magnificent ‘Only Saving Grace’. The track builds up slowly with McCann serenading us with his gentle tones and delicate guitar plucks. Emotional, full of stunning lyrics and haunting whispers, it reaches a cathartic climax with guitar taps, light hand-claps and percussion. It must be noted too that the chorus is extremely catchy and wouldn’t be out of place on any classic James Taylor or Ryan Adams album.

Are you feeling suitably warmed up? You better be, because McCann cranks up the pace with his track ‘Day You Came Around’. Sounding very Oasis-y, McCann lets his voice go all raspy and warm. The pace of this track is much more upbeat than ‘Only Saving Grace’ and features driving drums and a few electric guitar twangs to make everything sound a little more rocky!

Last but not least McCann’s most popular track – ‘Demons’ – is a stormer. Opening with a instantly catchy line “Don’t ever feel that you’re invisible / you’re not the only one who gets it wrong” the track only gets better from then on. Beautifully melodic, featuring those intense, gravelly vocals of McCann and even a string section – it’s got the makings of a big tune for McCann! Kicking into the chorus (literally) with some furious drumming and guitar strumming McCann again manages to deliver some great lines. Near the end of the track a mini-breakdown finishes as McCann comes back in and really hits home to deliver the message of the song – sublime.

Hopefully 2015 sees Anton McCann in the studio laying down these superb songs for an EP or an album! For now check out his live performance on The Riverside Show on STV Glasgow from earlier in December, the best way to appreciate McCann’s music is watch it live so get down and see him soon!

Anton McCann Facebook

Twitter @Anton_McC_Music



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