Undiscovered: Bxnjamin – Underground UK Hip-Hop (3 Free Mixtapes!)

Bxnjamin – a chill, London-based hip-hop artist, deserves a great deal more attention than he is currently getting. I discovered him a few years back when he was supporting Tempa T and some other local grime/hip-hop artists at my friend’s university, and ever since that night I’ve loved his music.

He has a number of mixtapes available free to download on his Bandcamp. The production on the tapes is absolutely on point, keeping to a classic UK hip-hop style but adding in a childish, playful feel. The lyrics have meaning, they are deep, Bxnjamin regularly draws from his experiences from his childhood and tells many stories through his music.

There was a long wait for his most recent mixtape, The Monomyth, The years of silence was driving me crazy. I wanted more, I wanted to hear how his music had progressed and thankfully he delivered. It has definitely lived up to my expectations, I could even say it has even exceeded them. The choice for backing tracks was superb, with beats from the likes of J Dilla and Flying Lotus. Bxnjamin has matured, and you can tell from his vocals, especially in tracks like Who You Are’. 

I think my favourite track has to be Peachy Princess’. A song based on a love triangle between Bowser, Mario and Luigi. Don’t be deterred by the premise of this, as it’s delivered perfectly. As soon as the beat comes in, I can’t help but move to it, and by the end I even feel sorry for Bowser!

Throughout the three releases, there is a plethora of tracks that I have loved. Especially the instrumentals from LazyFruit, which became my go to music to put on when revising for my exams last year. It frustrates me that somebody this talented is only managing to hit a few thousand views on his videos, and I really hope that he will make it in the big leagues eventually. Until then, Bxnjamin, keep doing what you are doing because it is outstanding.

Make sure to download all three mixtapes, follow his SoundCloud and YouTube pages so you will always be up to date with new releases!

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