New Electronic Release: A.G. Cook – What I Mean

PC Music releases are refreshingly disorienting. It’s never clear which sounds are human and which are generated, but the weird dance hybrid boasts something that most branches of electronic music tries incredibly hard to avoid: It sounds really fake.

This is PC Music’s saving grace — by creating sounds that are as robotic as the software behind them, they’ve managed to revive the antique appeal of “The Future.” Today, PC Music’s founder A.G. Cook released ‘What I Mean’, a dance track that plays with vocal segments to create something equally synthetic and soulful.

Opening with muffled conversation samples and slap-happy synths, ‘What I Mean’ evolves into a bonkers mish-mash of dance-floor-ready electronic beats, “ooh”-ing half-human, half-robotic vocals, and a few childlike chants of “What I mean!”, lest anybody forget what the song title is.

As if to demonstrate the rapid ascent the PC Music crew have enjoyed this year, the track is now available as a free download via Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac and her Free Music Monday offering on SoundCloud.

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