Undiscovered: The Return Of Simon Cowan With New Project – Record/Start

Here at The Music Brewery we are regularly inundated with e-mails from artists sending in free music seeking a review. There’s a lot to sift through but contrary to popular belief we do make the effort to try and find the ‘Undiscovered‘ diamonds in the rough!

We never complain though as sometimes surprising little gems pop up that we just love. Record/Start is one of those jewels. The new solo project of former Carlis Star (who had relative success not long back) front-man Simon Cowan, Record/Start’s tunes are full of sick riffs, catchy vocals and a throwback grungey, power-pop feel.

With the début EP on the horizon for March 2015 Cowan has so far released three great tracks for us to sink our teeth into.

My favourite of which has to be ‘Followay’ – the track races furiously into bending, electrifying guitar and crashing drums. ‘Followay’ is probably as grunge as Record/Start gets, the moody lyrics and jumpy vocals are totally reminiscent of Cobain on the Nirvana classic ‘Territorial Pissings’…and I don’t give praise out like that easily.

‘Electric Minds’ has a vibe that starts off slower and builds nicely with layered, melancholic vocals it sounds like Cowan in his Carlis Star days – think Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips, classic early ’00s alt-rock. The chorus with the repeating lyrics and driving guitar has ‘hit’ written all over it, ’60s style male harmonies and Cowan’s impassioned wails really complete ‘Electric Minds’.

The latest release ‘Rock From Afar’ has a very consistent, punchy pace with light chimes of percussion and Cowan’s distinctive vocals – this track is one guitar away from being as rocky as early Idlewild material! The Cobain similarities are clear again with the different tones Cowan is able to achieve with his voice, he really has the perfect alt-rock vocal.

Surely 2015 will bring big things for Cowan’s new project Record/Start which is already achieving a positive reception in the music press, stick with The Music Brewery to find out how he gets on next year! For now enjoy the new single ‘Rock From Afar’ and be sure to give it a download – it’s FREE on us!

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