My Top 5 Tracks Of The Year – Claire Wallace

2014 has been a year of amazing music, as can be seen from the previous top 5 lists we have had here on The Music Brewery. I’ve had plenty of killer songs on constant rotation in my playlist, but I’ve somehow narrowed it down to just 5:

  1. Theophilius London – ‘Tribe (ft Jesse Boykins III)’

This album is only a recent addition to my collection, but this tune grabbed me from the word go. It’s got a hugely funky beat and such an easy to dance to vibe – one of the coolest songs of 2014.

2. Childish Gambino – ‘Sweatpants’

Okay, so this is slightly cheating. The album this track features on, Because The Internet, was technically released at the end of 2013…but ‘Sweatpants’ was released as a UK single in June 2014 – so it counts! Regardless, this one has got to feature – I have played this non-stop all year. I can rap the whole thing, quite possibly in my sleep. It’s full of attitude, anger and laid back swag – and of course, plenty of Donald Glover’s amazing rhymes.

3. James Bay – ‘Hold Back The River’

This man’s music has really come into its own in these last few months, although he’s been on my radar since his first EP The Dark Of The Morning was released in 2013. This song just indicates that more quality stuff is to come from Bay, whose highly anticipated full album will be released early 2015.

4. Bombay Bicycle Club –’Luna’

This song evokes strong memories for me – of hot sunny days, summer vibes, Thai beaches, fresh coconuts and strong sweet coffee…I first got this album when backpacking through South East Asia, and this song quickly became the soundtrack to my trip. It’s the perfect sunny beach song, and I had it on loop for the entirety of my trip!

5. LOCO ft. Gray – ‘No Manners (무례하게)’

If you’ve read my previous intro to K-pop article, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Korean music scene. This hip-hop song has THEE catchiest beat in the world; put aside any of your preconceptions, and just listen!

Claire Wallace

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