Some Exceptional ‘Not-So-Buried’ Treasure

Now that we’re well and truly into the deepest and darkest of winter days, the song I’ve decided to review matches the feelings I’m having at the moment – making the best out of things inside even when everything outside is a bit bleak. The song is an original score called Treasured Soul’ by highly talented French producer Michael Calfan, and it comes with a mission.

Before reviewing the song itself, I think it’s worth briefly mentioning what that mission is, as it’s a highly worthwhile and noble one. The song has now been released on beatport, and any profits made by the song are being sent to help the fight against Ebola in the countries worst affected by the disease. Therefore, if you give it a listen and find you like it (which I imagine you will), then please consider buying it and helping a worthy cause.


The song itself is a genuine delight, and an experience to listen to. With a very light staccato piano riff going on in the background, intermittently accompanied by African-styled chanting, there is a real feeling of warmth from the song. This contrasts starkly with the melancholic vocals, and really sets up the kind of journey I mentioned earlier; one that takes a backdrop of darkness and despair, and finds something beautiful within it.

That’s certainly what I’m getting from this song, and I for one can’t stop listening to it. It’s well balanced, well thought through, and exquisitely produced – check it out and see for yourself!

 Pete x

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