Madeon – A New Years Sensation

As we hit the end of the year it’s time to look forward to all the excitement that 2015 will surely bring. One artist who has been slowly building and growing in stature is Madeon. Watch out for this man in 2015 because he’s going to be big!

His name may ring a bell from his YouTube video ‘Pop Culture’ or from his touring with Lady Gaga last year but this time next year he will be well and truly known for his début album Adventure, soon to be released.

After having already released the first single off of the album ‘Imperium’ we have now been provided with the second smash hit and my word is it a cracker! It’s a proper house tune that has been beautifully crafted and leaves us crying out for more from the upcoming album. It’s a song full of funk and really focuses on the vocals of Kyan and seems to perfectly fit the Winter months with a rich and warm feel. It has a calming quality and is a song that can be easily enjoyed whether you’re commuting back from work or preparing for a heavy night out.

Madeon has been around for a while now producing some really great music and hopefully 2015 will be the year that he is properly recognised and we can hear some more of these fantastic house bangers on a regular basis.

Will Howes

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