Kazo – Expect Big Things In 2015!

Anybody who follows my musings here on The Music Brewery will know Kazo; I covered their EP Cocktails and Canapés and was thoroughly impressed by what I heard. One of the tracks in particular, the ferocious Easy Living’, earned a somewhat illustrious spot in my top 5 tracks of the year. Not resting on their laurels, work has already begun on a new album set for release next March. Last week we got our first taste of what’s in store, with the track Lie’.

Beginning in typical Kazo fashion, we get some face melting opening riffs – definitely a forte of theirs which shone through in their EP. With influences such as Foo Fighters, it is no surprise they are at their best with ear piercing volume. Lie‘s chorus is not short of hooks – lead singer Jack Heningan’s exaggerated “I lied/ I stole a thousand times” really gives the track an aggressive edge. We even get a nice little build into a solo, which is capped off with this almost menacing chant filled with raw energy. Lie‘s certainly a strong finisher.

If you like what you hear, then you’ll love Shoot From The Hip, check it out!

Sam Breddy

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