#SundaySoundtrack #10

It’s that time again, a glorious yet cold Sunday which can only mean one thing, #SundaySoundtrack. Welcome to the 10th instalment of your favourite weekly music run-down – the #SundaySoundtrack! As always we aim to deliver a cracking list of tunes that we’ve been enjoying this week to help lift those hangover blues and make you forget that Monday is just around the corner.

Will Shipley

Alex Osiris – ‘Time’ – A hugely chilled tune coming from the British Alex Osiris, a great sample from RY X’s ‘Berlin’. Some nice lyrics that go deep while maintaining that chilled atmosphere, quite simply the perfect Sunday song!

Toby Gebbie

George Mayfield – ‘Walking In The Air With Elephants’ – to start getting myself in the festive spirit have been loving this track this week. A remix of ‘Walking With Elephants’ and ‘We’re Walking In The Air’. Still keeping the originality of the tracks this remix does them both justice and has created something new and catchy to get you through till the 25th December.

Travis Welwood

Grimes – ‘Go feat. Blood Diamonds’ – The Grimes of ‘Go’ is quite the evolution from the Grimes I knew before, and I absolutely love it. Grimes isn’t new to electronic, and this heavy background indicated she may be heading in a new direction. Anyways, it’s brilliant and I can’t stop jamming to it.

Barney Greenish

Too many T’s – ‘Running Wild’ – This track from the relatively recent EP release of the same name is typical of the talented South London duo. Brilliant lines, supremely delivered with a big beat underneath that make it difficult to turn off.

Claire Wallace

Ghost Soundtrack – ‘With You’ – Yes, this is from a musical. Yes, it is totally emo. But as one of the most beautfiul standalone songs from a musical i think i’ve ever heard, it has been on repeat all week – perhaps not the norm for most of you readers, but a beautiful song nonetheless!

Sam Karam

Deadboy – ‘Fireworks’ – Deadboy is a UK bass producer who’s released many dance tracks championed in the London scene. From his Cash Antics releases and his hit ‘Wish U Were Here’ on the Numbers label, one of the tracks that really set it off for him was an edit of a Drake song a few years back. Unlike most Drake remixes, this barely features the Canadian’s gritty vocals. This edit focuses on the piano-led instrumental and aLicia key’s vocals, and Deadboy manages to churn out an emotive club tune reminiscent of some Burial tearjerkers.

Grant Reid

AWOLNATION – ‘Not Your Fault’ – It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since Sail stormed American music charts, but this headbanger proves the California rockers didn’t inherit the embarrassing “one-hit wonder” title that would undeservedly staple the bands reputation closed to their full potential. Rumours surfaced that they’d support Foo Fighters in 2015, but that honour goes to Royal Blood.

Calum Woodger

Dr. Feelgood – ‘Roxette’ – Punk before punk, Dr. Feelgood were the pre-eminent pub rock band of the mid ’70s. Featuring the frenetic style of Wilko Johnson playing guitar on the upbeat and moving about stage like a man possessed, ‘Roxette’ is an absolutely massive tune.

Will Howes

Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share’ – with a beast of a chorus this tune is simply epic. A great song to pick you back up from the hangover.

Pete Sullivan

Rusted root – ‘Send Me On My Way’ – An absolutely classic tune, the free, hippy vibe makes it impossible not to smile whilst listening to this track! An oldie, but a genuine goldie.

That’s it from us here at The Music Brewery for another week, leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook or chat to us on Twitter and let us know what would make your #SundaySoundtrack!
The Music Brewery Squad

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