Cut Capers: Bristol Ska + Hip-Hop For Your Saturday Night Playlist!

Bristol-based Cut Capers have just released another brilliant, bouncy blend of ska and hip-hop that has become their trademark since getting together back in 2011. They describe themselves as an eight-piece band with a style based in hip-hop; swing; ska and roots reggae, a combination that, as previous EPs such as début The Pinstripe and Lighter prove, can work spectacularly well.

‘Skadiff’, which could well be a relevant twist on the name of the nearby Welsh capital, has a pacey and vibrant beat lying underneath some clever and well-delivered verses about hitting the town on a Friday night – “fully prepared to leave the weekend worse for wear” as your man puts it.

The song describes the joys of getting ready for the night with friends, and everything seems to be going right for the protagonist as he feels a “surge of confidence” (after a Jaegerbomb or four) conversing with a gorgeous redhead he adores. This is in addition to the general revelry being enjoyed by the group. The latter half of the song features a saxophone solo with a nice soul feel to it and more big trumpet sounds as the rest of the dynamic 3-piece brass section joins in.

It chaotically culminates in a fast ska frenzy, leaving your ears in absolutely no doubt about how great a performance the band would give live. Coincidentally, at the time of writing, Cut Capers are setting up for a gig in Bristol, and this author would definitely be heading down there but for prior commitments to an alternative night in the city not even a hundred metres down the road.

The music video documents the band roaming, getting merry and generally having a whale of a time out and about in Bristol. They do this in various houses as well as big Bristol establishments such as trendy hangout-bar The Canteen (and the more mainstream O2 Academy). The group looked like they just as much fun filming the video as they did playing in the festivals that also make a cameo appearance. Check out their older material and make sure to keep an eye on which festivals they’ll be performing at next summer – they look like far too much fun to miss.

Barney Greenish

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