Radio Caley Acoustic Gig Pt.II – An Array Of Musical Talent!

Our lovely friends and partners at Radio Caley recently laid on one of their ever-popular acoustic nights in the Students’ Association of Glasgow Caledonian University. Featuring a stellar cast of Amy Groden, Mikey Smith, Tom Vevers, Earths and The Rising Souls The Music Brewery was there covering it from all angles for the second time! Read on for a full review, interviews, photos and a podcast to come soon!

Groden Was First Up!
Groden Was First Up!

Singer-songwriter Amy Groden kicked things off for the growing crowd in the GCU Students’ Association by playing a mix of covers and one of her own original songs. Along with her guitarist David Hutchinson, Amy played a very intimate stripped back set which featured her original song ‘Run’ (not in any way linked to Snow Patrol or Leona Lewis, in fact it’s better!). Amy, David and her brother Ben – the groupie – joined us in the studio during our show which was going out at the same time on Radio Caley and filled us in with the latest! Discussing her set Groden said:

“I was actually quite nervous when I got on, I think that was because it was our first time performing the original ever…but I really enjoyed it!”

Groden is away recording in the next couple of months with Hutchinson on guitar but they’re looking to add more members!

“We’re wanting to add in more band members to make the sound more interesting, add a bit more to it.”

Now I promised Amy lots of pluggage during the interview so I’m going to fulfil my promise and tell you all about her awesome uni project that aims to give unsigned bands a platform for getting gigs. Going live soon, Hear My Music, will feature profiles for musicians to essentially sell themselves to venues, labels, promoters and writers like us in Glasgow! It’s sure to be something that The Music Brewery plans to get involved and work with in the future!

Up next was Radio Caley’s own (and our favourite!) Mikey ‘Da Man’ Smith. Playing, for the first time, six original songs in a set featuring no covers Smith served up a treat for all in attendance! Mikey played the interestingly named ‘Veranda Death Match’ for the masses and intimately for us on The Music Brewery show which you’ll be able to hear in the podcast! Mikey also, just for Daria, brought a cover out playing ‘Bloodbank’ by Bon Iver. Sounding awfy Scottish and affected by the tones of Frightened Rabbit and Tommy Reilly, Smith managed to convey a vast array of emotions through his music. With his intricate guitar work he created percussion where there was precisely zero percussion.

Mikey had plenty to say about his music whilst playing the aforementioned tracks. Of his oddly named track ‘Veranda Death Match’ Smith said:

“When I’ve been naming songs in the past you write about subjects that are really trivial and have been covered. So what I aim for is instead of talking about girls or being in a club I want to write songs that people don’t really know what they’re about and they can come up with their own assumptions.”

So Mikey, what about this supposed veranda death match then?

“My brother and a few of my friends and I started writing down lines that we thought were a bit quirky…and ‘Veranda Death Match’ was one of the one’s that sort of came out.

Truly fascinating…

Vevers In The Studio With Us!
Vevers In The Studio With Us!

We were back in the studio playing you some of the best tracks from the blog when North Berwick (that’s actually in Scotland by the way!) native Tom Vevers took to the stage. Stripped back, with rasping pain-tinged vocals and sounding on top form played tracks including new tracks ‘Low’, ‘Seven Days’ and ‘This Town’ a track, “loosely based on home”, which Vevers hopes to record in the future. Entering the studio ready to do some business Tom treated us to a song and then decided he would give us his magnificent chat. Vevers updated us on his tour, he wasn’t too sure where he was playing though…

“I’m supposed to be playing a charity event at a place called South Block, but I’m not entirely sure where it is, but I’ll find out and I’ll broadcast it! Loads of great Glasgow bands are playing it…Pronto Mama, Carnivores…I was really chuffed to be including on the line-up!”

Second top of the bill Earths brought their sounds to a now packed room! We managed to squeeze three of the four boys into the studio for a chat after their slot. Jamie Cameron, Alastair Brian, Euan McPherson and Johnny White ramped up the tempo nicely in anticipation for our headline act! The band introduced the crowd to some tracks from their new EP The Tragedy of Process which has been described as “lumber-sexual”. Usually full of distortion and crashing drums the boys toned it down slightly for the gig but the pace was no different and their furious enthusiasm really got the crowd ramped up. Influenced by old ’80s indie tunes and Lo-Fi stuff that sound really comes across through Earths’ music.

Headlining and stealing the show the flare-clad The Rising Souls literally took people’s breath away with their raunchy, raucous, passion fuelled brand of soulful jams! Stripped back and acoustic they managed to create a big sound with funky bass and infectious percussion. We reviewed their recently released self-titled album and it’s safe to say it’s astonishingly good.

The boys – Dave, Roy (Kelso) and Tom brought out tracks from the album including ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ and ‘Man In Black’ which they later performed in the Radio Caley studio for us on The Music Brewery radio show, which again you can hear in the up-coming podcast. The boys were on great form and had plenty to say to us, including news of a European Tour:

“We’re playing  Amsterdam on the 10th of January til the 14th then we’re jumping about Germany – Cologne, Hamburg. We’re travelling in a camper van, (Kelso, in an American accent) my mommy bought me a Winnebago!”

rising souls
A Rousing Performance From The Boys

In an interview full of ‘great banter’, we discussed the boys’ day jobs (which involves a lot of toilets), flared trousers and how the band came together. Despite the fact they’ve only had “two practices” The Rising Souls are sounding ace. Brilliant stuff from a great bunch of guys. Definitely a trio to look out for in the future!

As always a brilliant night of music brought to you by the wonderful people at Radio Caley. I think The Music Brewery will be back for the next acoustic gig with plenty of fans…

Calum Woodger

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