Undiscovered: Ho99o9 – I Have No Idea What This Genre Is But I Love It

Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) are a sinister rap/punk duo from New Jersey. They haven’t released much music yet but on their Soundcloud you can find their new EP, Mutant Freaks, and a few other tracks they have made before. They have produced a very interesting style of music, where they try to keep all of the elements of hardcore rap while following punk influences. Ho99o9 are not about making music that people want to hear, they are all about making whatever they think sounds good, and so far it is amazing.

The first few songs I heard from them were off of their Mutant Freaks EP, which although only consists of three songs, has an outrageous amount of variety in styles used in each track. The first song feels very similar to a Death Grips or a clipping. track, with deep, aggressive synth and distorted, strained vocals over the top. The next is just pure punk and the final is dark and ambient with horrific overtones.

Another one of the tracks I loved was ‘Casey Jones’ which within two minutes demonstrates their lack of conformity to a certain style. This contains my favourite part of any of their songs, where just after the middle of the song it swaps from punk back to rap.

From what I’ve heard so far, these guys are absolutely incredible. Seem as they have only a few tracks so far, I’m expecting big things from them in the future.


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