Undiscovered: Irish Noise Pop Sensations – September Girls

Step aside Haim, The Music Brewery have found your new favourite all-girl rockers – September Girls!

Hailing from the Irish captial of Dublin, this noise pop five-piece have made massive strides since releasing their début album Cursing The Sea at the back end of 2013. The girls are back now with some of their best work yet in the form of the Veneer EP.

Sounding almost Lo-Fi, fuzzy with buckets of feedback, the title track Veneer’ kicks things off with haunting harmonies and pulsating bass. Lead singer and bassist Paula is a real driving force behind the band’s sound throughout the EP but the guitars, keys, drums and backing vocals from Sarah, Jessie, Caoimhe and Lauren are just as vital to the sound.

For me though, the best track of the EP is ‘Black Oil’ from the off it gets your blood pumping. The distorted bass, screeching electronic guitar reverb and Paula’s moody vocals draw you in straight away. Almost singing in the spoken word, she tells us a haunting story backed up by light harmonies. Think indie bands like Editors and White Lies but with the retro throwback sound of Jesus and the Mary Chain and the atmospheric vocals of PJ Harvey in her heyday – majestic.

Recorded in Guerilla Studios in Dublin, the EP continues of with a brash, ‘fuck you’ attitude in the form of ‘Melatonin’. Opening with Paula on her own leading us into yet another dark story about “whispering sweet nothings.” It rocks on at a faster pace than the previous tracks and really livens up the four-track EP before it’s all over!

The girls end on ‘Butterflies’ – which is not a pretty, acoustic, folk tune…of course! It’s a massively deep, brooding psychedelic noise pop anthem. This track to me feels like if The XX had an ounce of attitude this is the type of music they’d be playing, but they don’t, instead it is September Girls who are wowing us with their bass breakdowns and grinding guitar licks.

This new EP Veneer from September Girls is an impressive piece of work and signals great things for the band in 2015.

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Calum Woodger

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