John Mayer – Slow Dancing In a Burning Room

This track comes from one of my favourite albums of all time. Strangely enough Where The Light Is was a live recording taken from Mayer’s performance at the Nokia theatre, LA in December 2007. For me it completely out does all Mayer’s studio recordings of each individual track, the slight differences in guitar notes, harmonies and crowd reaction creates a set list that is both varied in musical genre but also in Mayer’s own vocal structure.

3Wm8qIz3NqS6xzaerbIqkzrj9md‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’, although relativity unchanged from the studio version features Mayer delivering a closing guitar solo that reaches almost (I said almost) comfortably numb levels of emotion being weaned out of the instrument. It’s a beautiful few minutes of musical talent being exhibited which really digs deep, portraying the pain and internal suffering knowing a relationship is doomed but fighting to keep it alive.

I know the lyrics and meaning behind the song are for all intensive purposes depressing, but for me this track remains special. I think I have listened to it hundreds if not thousands of times and it still gives me goosebumps every time. Its got to the stage now that I’m worried about getting bored of it, so have succumbed to listening rarely to make sure it remains enjoyable.

Whack this on, sit back, relax and just enjoy listening to one of the greatest guitar artists of our time.


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