‘Bad News’ – Danny Brown & Action Bronson Combine for GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto video game series has always had an epic soundtrack, from San Andreas’ G-Funk era to GTA IV’s modern marvels, they have always been immensely good. There is no change to that in the newest version of GTA, now up to GTA V the tunes are still flowing and following the recent re-release for the next-gen consoles there have been some updates, most notably the epic collaboration from Danny Brown and Action Bronson on the tune ‘Bad News’. 

GTA is no stranger to getting exclusive tracks, in particular exclusive hip-hop tunes, and this new music is no different. ‘Bad News’ produced by The Alchemist is a dark and eerie beat utilising a great screeching sample and some space age drums to great effect that sets the tone for the savage bars from Danny Brown and Action Bronson.


Both artists are usually able to jump between various different styles, from the jovial to the downright filthy styles, and in this tune we head more towards the filthy than the jovial. In some menacing bars the two rappers go hard as nails with threatening and brutal lyrics about gunning people down and robbing others it definitely feels appropriate for this particular GTA as it does focus on elaborate heists and we all know that, in general, GTA involves a lot of guns and robbing!

Give it a listen and let us know what you think about it!

Will S x

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