Skream – Jumanji

I’ve been on a bit of a Skream roll recently. The man himself is really creating and releasing music for himself unlike some other artists who seem to pander only to what the audience wants and demands. Here we have an example of a DJ who cares only about one thing, making music.

The Legendary Robin Williams In Jumanji – R.I.P.

Seemingly in the memory of Robin Williams ‘Jumanji’ is something all together new from Oliver Jones. The psychedelic, electro-trance track is unlike anything we’ve really heard from Skream previously, once again showing his variations as a cross-genre musician.

What is obvious to see from the outset is that this shit is dark. Although in keeping with Skream’s roots, it’s nothing too complex, nothing too crazy just pure vibes over here. And what vibes they are! Simple, clean and unapologetic. It’s a fitting tribute from one world class artist to another.

We love what Skream is doing here…keep it coming!


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