New Bastille Coming Your Way…Featuring Haim!

Before their début album rocketed them into the mainstream music scene and every iPod in the UK, Bastille had recorded a few short mix-tapes entitled Other Peoples Heartache. Available for digital download only, these mix tapes showed Bastille’s playful side, with collaborations on almost every track, fun reinventions of old songs and a slightly different sound than their norm.

Now, after a few years of promoting their Bad Blood LP, Bastille are bringing us new mix-tape action this December… and are teasing us with a preview of their collaboration with girl power band Haim!

Girl Power!

This song is very much equal parts Bastille and Haim – if you literally fused two of their hits together, it would sound like this. If this quality track is what the rest of the mix-tape has in store for us… then I can’t wait for its release!

VS (Other People’s Heartbreak Pt.III will be released on December 15th.

Claire Wallace.

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