House Supremo Bakermat Is Back!!!

Oh yes! The soulful deep house pleasure that is Bakermat has returned with a fantastic treat just in time for Christmas. He’s one of the biggest rising stars in the upcoming house scene (although he’s pretty much made it). His is a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue and last week he delighted us all with the release of his newest single, ‘Teach Me’.

Bakermat Looking Awfully Pleased With His Chimpanzee

It is classic Bakermat and he has continued the same musical recipe that has been delighting us since he broke into the house big leagues. In 2012 he released two EPs (Zomer and Vandaag) which introduced his abilities to a much larger audience; a particular favourite was his sampling of Martin Luther King Jr’s great “I Have A Dream” speech from the first track on the Vandaag EP (‘One Day’). Known for mixing saxophones, flutes and trumpets with his house tracks he creates music full of joy and happiness.

‘Teach Me’ may not contain the sax and trumpets but it’s still packed full of those soulful influences with bluesy, jazzy flavours. It oozes soul, as the gospel vocals take hold and the piano chords drive the song to a fantastic climax, a symphony of strings take over to give rise to a delicious melody. If you haven’t heard of Bakermat until now then this is a superb example of his talents and for any one already in love with this man’s work then it really won’t disappoint!

He is currently on tour in the UK so keep your eyes peeled for any tickets going, as his is a set not to be missed.

Will H x

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