Keep An Eye Out For ‘Pleasure State’

Though its members are no strangers to the dance industry, there’s a fresh new musical group set to take the era of house resurgence by storm. Lee Foss, MK and Anabel Englund have a big year ahead of them come 2015.

Foss, co-founder of the successful Hot Creations dance label, teamed up with MK (real name Mark Kinchen) in 2012 to put out an EP on the label featuring the lovely vocals of Anabel Englund. The result was a sunkissed hip-shaking deep house track by the name of ‘Electricity‘.

Its success set the path for the trio to create more quality dance-pop in the future, under the moniker Pleasure State. Give their latest track ‘Ghost In The System’ a listen to see how Englund’s gritty yet soulful female vocals steal the show when they’re looped over the groovy drum patterns. This is just the beginning for Pleasure State. They have a big year ahead in terms of producing and performing their songs live (as opposed to just playing them in a DJ set).

Sam Karam

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