Brand New Frank Ocean!!!

OMG some brand new Frank Ocean, it’s here, everybody please stay calm! That’s right folks Frank Ocean is back in action after nearly two years since his simply stunning album Channel Orange, Frank has quietly released a new track or demo of a new track called ‘memrise’ but is it any good?

Come on people of course it’s good it’s Frank Ocean, the man is a god amongst men, his singing and song writing talent is unrivalled in this current era of music. The new music released by Frank Ocean, ‘memrise’ is a tune full of distorted vocals, minimal drums at the opening and by the end just Frank, his voice and one guitar weaving a spellbinding tune that keeps it on repeat. On repeat is what you need to do as well, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it, only 2 minute long song but it just shows how talented he is.

So after two years of a few sporadic features it appears Frank Ocean has returned with his melancholic style with a quiet yet brilliant bang. Still no word on the follow up to Channel Orange but I’m sure some news will be along shortly, so stick with us to stay right up to date with the latest from Frank Ocean.

Will S x

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