Jacques Greene – After Life After Party EP

“To this day, I meet people that are surprised I’m not British”, says the Canadian producer Jacques Greene in an interview with Resident Advisor’s Aaron Frank. It isn’t hard to believe that Jacques’ musical identity would be mistaken for that of a musician raised by the gritty underground scene of the UK.

With the new record on LuckyMe, the label which first opened its doors to his unique creativity with ‘Tell Me’, Greene (real name Philippe Aubin-Dionne) seems to have created another masterpiece with the B-side ‘1 4 Me’. As with many of his previous works, such as ‘What You Want‘, his use of detuned synths really accentuates the soulfulness of the vocal samples used, as though to utter an electronic wail of pain and grief until the climax arrives; a string of shuffling beats underlined by a thick bass.

The main track of which the EP is named after, however, does not have Greene’s signature use of soulful samples. He instead uses haunting melodies and raunchy drum patterns to create a tune which sounds like it should be played at whatever nightclubs heaven or hell have to offer – hence the fitting title.

This track gets an atmospheric remix treatment from Suicideyear who soaks the organ section in reverb and rearranges the leading melody to create the perfect heart-warming follow up to the beautiful B-side. Side A offers a dark, experimental club rework of ‘After Life After Party’ that is faithful to its grim theme but has little to offer outside the dancefloor.

Overall, the EP never fails to deliver in the aspects it advertises. The concept appears to be a contrast between the power of melodies in narrating life’s emotion and the power of drums and structures in physical manipulation at nightclubs. Each of the remixes seems to fulfil an assigned purpose by successfully outlining one of the two themes. For whatever dead DJs there are being booked in the supernatural equivalent of Shoreditch, this EP would definitely be in the record bag.

Sam Karam

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