Skream – For Friends Passed

So, I’ve been on a bit of a Skream roll recently due his increase in releases lately. The new tracks have been pretty dark, some on Internet boards questioning if he is going through some heavy times etc. In my opinion, regardless of how he is personally doing, he is creating different and exciting music which although may be reflecting recent tough moments in his life give us, the audience, something fresh and interesting. Isn’t that what music is all about?


The track was released to Soundcloud quietly on the 21st November. With little or no hype surrounding it. Skream simply added the message:

“R.I.P Spaceape… R.I.P Derren… R.I.P Skream. This track has no home as of now so thought I’d share…its 192kbp so rip if ya want…..”

Straight away we can see the obvious nod to the Hyperdub MC, Stephen Samuel Gordon, who passed recently from a rare form of cancer. This track is deep and I mean seriously deep. It’s been getting mixed reviews online but I think it’s impressive in its own unique way. The relentless snare sticks with you, drawing you further into the track, potentially highlight the frustration of something as inevitable as death. The claps again are something that drills itself deeper into your thought pattern. Intrusive and inescapable. This wasn’t created to conform to his current style, nor I presume was it really intended to be released. Its a personal piece that reflects individualistic mood and feeling.

Then again people always try to find a message or meaning behind a track. At the end of the day music in this form is an unique expression and sometimes that’s all you need to know.


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