#TBT: Lou Bega – Mambo No.5

Now this is a song that I haven’t heard for ages! It’s a classic which is sure to rekindle memory’s for all of us. Lou Bega released the single in 1999 and it still makes us all sing along now.

It topped almost every chart in Europe and for me will always be immortalized as the sound of Channel 4’s cricket coverage. The intro is quite literally an introduction as we are politely welcomed with “Ladies and gentleman this is Mambo No. 5” and from that point on we’re all chanting along. Everyone thinks they know the chorus and will cry out the names as Lou Bega croons along. He may not have reached the heights of this tune since but Lou Bega is still around and last year released his 5th studio album A Little Bit of 80’s which contains covers of classic songs and is worth a quick glance.

It’s a jazz piece for the masses, a pop piece for those who don’t like pop and an all round great piece of music to be enjoyed by all.

I hope this tasty throwback tune brings back some fantastic memories:

Will H

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