A Christmas Tune Like No Other: Beuys Toys – Thimbles

Whilst flicking through the channels last week and complaining once more that there’s nothing on! I suddenly stumbled across this tune. For a brief minute I was transfixed to the screen mesmerized by its delicate beauty. And then it was gone…I searched high and low through Google, YouTube and beyond but had no luck in finding the source of the song that had so completely captivated me. Until today…

The advert was for very.co.uk and the fantastic song is ‘Thimbles’ by Beuys Toys. Every year there’s a surprising excitement and anticipation that focuses around the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad. Last year supported by Lily Allen and this year by the brilliant Tom Odell, however this will certainly not be the advert that sticks in my head over the Christmas period. The song was specially commissioned for the ad and unlike many Christmas songs is not overly irritating. The backing sleigh bells makes this unmistakable Christmasy but it is unlike any yuletide tune we’ve heard before. It is boldly electronic and a totally mind trancing piece of music that is completely chilled. With driving strings and a beautiful harp melody mixing with some proper groovy electronic vibes it’s a song that deserves far more credit and attention.

Don’t worry this isn’t some unashamed plug for a clothing brand but the opportunity to listen to some brilliant new age Christmas music so make sure to listen to the full track below and you can find a free download here.

Hope you enjoy

Will H x

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