They’re Back! Matt Grocott And The Shrives – Back In The Morrow

Back in October we introduced a little known band to you called Matt Grocott and the Shrives right here at The Music Brewery with their first track Turn Me On. It was an absolute belter, filled with punk energy which left this writer curious as to what they could produce in the future. Since then they have been hard at work to bring us more music in line with their upcoming EP – and today we finally have another track to feast on.

‘Back In The Morrow’ does not disappoint! Bringing a whole different sound from their first track, the frantic electric guitar is traded out for an acoustic sound – the volume is toned back and Matt Grocott’s vocals are given more room to experiment. The track follows the reflections of a depressed drunkard, with the downbeat chorus; “Outside this nightclub and these people are gonna fake/ their wild emotions, because the alcohol is telling them/ he’s gonna get with her, she don’t wanna get with him”, before declaring that he will be Back In The Morrow’ to do it all over again. We’ve all been there…

Overall Back In The Morrow’ demonstrates some versatility from the group – with a slower pace and something of a Jamie T vibe to this latest effort – and yet it remains infectiously catchy. But that’s enough from me, check it out for yourself:

On the evidence of the first two tracks, Matt Grocott and the Shrives EP will be top notch, and with the production assistance of none other than Billie Joe Armstrong we look forward to a few more awesome tracks soon. Fortunately we won’t have to wait too long, Turn Me On EP is expected to be available for streaming on the 30th of November!


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