#TBT: The Artful Dodger – Movin’ Too Fast

It’s that time of the week again and by now you guys should know the score. We have hit Thursday and the throwbacks are going to be coming at you from left, right, and centre to get you buzzing for the weekend.

This next track, released in 1999, signalled a momentous occasion for the UK garage scene when it reached number 2 in the UK charts. It was the first song of its kind to give garage the exposure to the mainstream it required.

‘Movin’ Too Fast’ to my mind is one of the greatest garage tracks of all time. Some people may doubt this, but play them this track and I guarantee you they will know the words and can think of a night out when this song was playing and was loved by the entire crowd (themselves included). This is one of the finest UK 2-step tracks ever and The Artful Dodger were pioneers way ahead of their time, proof of this can be seen at sold out nights they put on the UK over.

Get this on, turn up the volume and prepare for the weekend!


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