Undiscovered: Kaydee, Ready To Make His Mark

I first covered Kaydee a minute ago, where the up’n’comer from Toronto, Canada didn’t disappoint with his massive tune ‘The Drill’. Now he’s back with the a couple of singles building yet more excitement for his forthcoming album The Transition that will be released on November 17th. 

I’m a big fan of Kaydee and his fresh style that deserves more recognition. Kaydee has great beat selection and a confident flow that is reminiscent of Meechy Darko of the Flatbush Zombies or even Joey Bada$$, but that’s not to say that he is jacking their style, he still feels and sounds entirely original. Combine that flow with proper lyrical ability and flexibility that displays his potential to mix it up and make different sorts of tunes that will guarantee Kaydee goes far in this crazy game called Hip-Hop.

But now onto the first of the new singles ‘I Am Legend’ a massive, massive tune with a savagely catchy beat and an ambitious lyrical flow to match. The song produced by Rich Kidd features some great boom bap drums that really set this track on fire, add into the mixture some nice tonal sounds that sort of drop into the tune nicely that have a spellbinding effect on the tune. But all of this is just to supplement Kaydee and his dizzying statement on the track. Kaydee essentially sets down a marker and a challenge to the rest of the Hip-Hop world, something started in recent time by Kendrick Lamar and his verse on Big Sean’s ‘Control’ that really kicked the Hip-Hop world into action. On this new song Kaydee calls out people such as Kendrick letting them know he is on his way up and is coming for their spots at the top of the game. Last thing I have to say though is that the hook is so refreshing to hear, where Kaydee dominantly states that money and fame don’t motivate him, Kaydee just wants to become a legend in the game, and hopefully someday he will be!

The second and newest single from the upcoming album The Transition is ‘Get The Message feat. JAI:R’ a belter with some great production from NVMX, who provides some nice bass and drums combined with a great vocal sample that creates a ridiculously catchy song. Kaydee’s bars and flow are excellent as per usual, again displaying that flexibility I discussed before, going in over a slower beat than he is accustomed to but this hasn’t affected him in the slightest, he dances over the beat effortlessly alongside Best Kept Secret label-mate JAI:R who also gives it a sterling effort that reaps many rewards.

So guys please give this a listen as I firmly believe Kaydee could one day be one the biggest in the game, this Toronto MC is constantly giving us quality tunes and releasing new music. Give his tunes a listen and let us know what you think!

You can find Kaydee on: Twitter, @KaydeeTR

And of course e-mail us at themusicbrewery@gmail.com for any new undiscovered talent you may have heard.

Will S x

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