Tahiti 80: Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Getting Worse

Heard of Tahiti 80? I sure as hell hadn’t until the drop of their latest album, Ballroom, on October 21, 2014, and I’m glad I finally did.

Singer Xavier Boyer and bassist Pedro Rosende make up the Parisian pop combo, Tahiti 80, forming back in 1993 when they were students at the University of Rouen. The duo added guitarist Mederic Gontier in the ensuing year, and drummer Sylvain Marchand the year after that, Voilà! Tahiti 80, a band name born by a grungy shirt Boyer’s father got from the Polynesian Islands in 1980.

Although originally inspired by the music of the British Invasion era, Tahiti 80 has grown, developed, and changed significantly over the past two decades as they documented a slew of singles, EPs, and LPs. And while they may never be commercially famous or the indie ‘flavour of the week’, Tahiti 80 makes a strong case for their relevancy with the album, Ballroom.

The entire album is well rounded, with full, mature instrumentals to support the lyrics. You’ll hear electric drum kicks and synth mixed into their chilled-out Lo-Fi pop. Tahiti 80 is clearly experienced and hasn’t wasted time trying to cater to a specific idea encouraged by outside influences. They play what they love but don’t stick with a certain method – it’s an interesting dichotomy best showcased by the album’s opener, ‘Crush’,  and its finale, ‘7 Seas’ and ‘Solid Gold’.

“A little piece of land / It’s a chance to start anew / Across the coral strand / Settle down forever with you, forever with you, ” chimes Boyer, summarising the main theme of the album: of capitalising on the opportunities during the ups-and-downs and taking the time to sit, chill, and enjoy.

Give ’em a listen yourself and let us know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Tahiti 80: Getting Older Doesn’t Mean Getting Worse”

  1. The band is actually from rouen, not paris, although the singer lives in the capital now. They are pretty much attached to their hometown and shot their latest video there. I agree, tahiti 80 are a fantastic band.

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