Wiley Returns And Is Back To His Grimiest Roots With ‘On A Level’

Wiley’s been a bit quiet for the last few years, since the release of his 2013 mainstream focused effort The Ascent. But fear not minions he is back with a bang and a seriously fearsome grime tune that will make bones quiver with excitement with his new tune ‘On A Level’. Building up to the release of his new album Snakes and Ladders due out some time soon.

The Godfather of Grime has returned to his brilliant best and into his excellent grimey past. Let’s start off here by saying Wiley goes in, goes in hard as nails on this new track ‘On A Level’ combine that with the thumping beat and delightful synths and we have the ultimate grime recipe for success.

The production from long term collaborator and fellow Boy Better Know member Skepta is hugely on point in ‘On A Level’ it has that classic eskibeat feel, suitable for the headphones, a party, a club or concert it gets your head bobbing instantly. The synths are really the draw here production wise they are bouncy and raw that are guaranteed to get people moving and bumping to the beat. Wiley himself, as I’ve said, is 100% on point here delivering a fast paced, clear and hyped bars for days, it feels like a proper throwback to the early days of Wiley when he was really at his best. Wiley also covers a multitude of topics in ‘On A Level’ from friends on the street to worrying about his career direction, it’s impressive to hear a diverse amount of topics being covered properly.

One of Wiley’s biggest attributes is that he is able to stay constantly relevant and is able to make both mainstream and underground tracks with ease. So I would implore you to check out the big man doing what he does best, killing a beat.

Will S x

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